DWS Logistics Warehouse Management Technology

EDI Translation and Mapping Services

EDI and effective data communication is key to the success of any supply chain.

DWS Logistics has in house EDI Translation and Mapping Services.  This gives us the expertise to ensure rapid and accurate deployment of any EDI solution required.

What’s critically important is to create a systems generated communication that reduces data input and eliminates errors.

Whats unique to DWS Logistics is that we have programmers on staff ready to assist.

Our programmers provide support for a variety of EDI documents across EDI, XML and many other communication protocols specific to your environment.   We can augment your internal team or manage the complete solution.

What our EDI Translation and Mapping Services team does:

  • Analyze source / destination application specifics
  • Develop translation mapping documents
  • Configure, develop and test mapping interfaces
  • Provide training and ongoing support as necessary