DWS Logistics Warehouse Management Technology

Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

“Pyramid”, our Warehouse Management System  and Inventory Control Solution, sets DWS Logistics apart from the others.

DWS Logistics has our own developers and programmers on staff. We own the software and can tailor and customize exactly as required by the customer.

No more trying to fit in a pre-packaged solution.

No more waiting for simple programming changes.

No more hoping you get what you need.

The “Pyramid” Warehouse Management Solution

Pyramid is our Internet based Warehouse Management System that supports the day to day operations of our warehouse.

Its user-friendly web interface provides you with the highest level of visibility possible.  You get real-time access to:

  • inventory on hand
  • order fulfillment
  • order tracking information
  • receipt of merchandise
  • storage bin locations of product
  • a wide range of customized reports to meet your needs

Pyramid is the interface between You, the Distribution Center and your Customer.  This Warehouse Management System acts as an extension of your existing system, with focus on the warehouse and related supply chain activities.

Our Warehouse Management System (Pyramid) links directly to the many customer systems available. This ranges from ERP Solutions, e-commerce web sites, small and mid sized accounting systems, to client developed proprietary systems. We haven’t found a system we can’t link to.

Pyramid helps manage all the processes and communications required in today’s professional warehouse environment.

  • Inventory tracking
  • Inventory Rotation
  • Quality Control Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Receiving – ASN , and Quality assurance checks
  • Put away – Directed  with RF scanning
  • Location by SKU – Pallet
  • Pick Face and Replenishment
  • SKU management including Lot#, Serial # and date control
  • Picking – directed by order, wave or batch
  • Order processing: packing, labeling and shipping
  • Cycle counting and inventory control, with monthly reports
  • Instant Web Portal visibility of stock levels, orders in process and orders shipped

This outstanding technology allows our Customer Service to interface directly with you, making collaboration easy and thus allowing you to run your business more effectively.