DWS Logistics Services

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services

DWS integrates (bundles) supply chain services to provide a one stop solution for your logistics needs.

Our extensive knowledge of the Canadian – Vancouver and Toronto markets offer a wide variety of flexible options designed to fit your specific requirements.

We’ll work with you to develop a customized solution designed to reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Cross Docking  /  Transloading

Realize true savings while improving the flow of your merchandise

Shared Warehousing

Leverage our warehouse space, equipment, systems and quality labor.

Dedicated Warehousing

We provide the experience and resources to operate single client dedicated warehouse operations as an extension of your company.

E-Commerce Order fulfillment

Efficient and Accurate, orders arrive on time exactly as ordered by your customer.

Pick & Pack and Value added Services

We provide a wide variety of specialty services designed to assist your customer with their exact requirements.


DWS is familiar with the specific shipping requirements of all major Canadian retailers.

Transportation Management

We share our buying power and carrier relationships to reduce costs and improve service.

Reverse Logistics

We process returns following your specific business rules.

DWS acts as an extension of your company. As a true partner we learn exactly what is required and provide services to assist in achieving your objectives.