Order Fulfillment / Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

At DWS Logistics we specialize in order fulfillment.

With piece picking or case picking, we manage the entire process from receipt of the order through to shipping. This includes supplying all ASN information.

Our Distribution Centers have storage and processing areas which allow us to pick cases from pallets, to pick inner cartons from boxes, or to create shelf zones to pick pieces from bins.

E Commerce Services

We process and ship hundreds of orders daily.

Website order fulfillment with back-end shopping cart integration, you can link your website shopping cart directly to our system. You can also view order, stock level and shipping information from anywhere, anytime over the internet using your secure login and password.

Packaging & Display

DWS Logistics provides a one stop service for promotional repacking and display requirements.

Our packaging display services range from pre-loading special warehouse club store displays with merchandise, palletizing and staging for shipment, to assembly and packaging of unique multiple piece products.

We maintain assembly lines strategically in both Toronto and Vancouver to assist a wide range of clients on a continuous basis.

We can also inventory your assembled packaged items and manage distribution on an as needed basis to anywhere in Canada at competitive rate levels.

Due to the unique nature of each packaging project our assembly lines can easily reconfigure to accommodate any POP (point of purchase) display requirements.

Quality Assurance

All picked orders are double checked for accuracy. Warehouse locations are checked when product is added or removed. All inventories are cycled on an ongoing basis.

Inventory Control

Our Warehouse Management System (Pyramid ) tracks all inventory movement and provides real time internet visibility of stock levels by SKU  as well as orders in process.

EDI Transactions

We are experts in EDI Transactions and have our own programmers on staff.