Retail Distribution Services in Canada

Retail Distribution in Canada

DWS Logistics works with you to provide seamless distribution to Canadian Retailers.

DWS Logistics is familiar with the specific shipping requirements of the major Canadian retailers.  We regularly ship to Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Costco and almost anyone else you can think of.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Coordinate the arrival of your merchandise

  • We retrieve import containers from the ports
  • Help eliminate Port Detention and Ocean Line Demurrage charges

Destuff ocean containers

  • Sort and palletize the merchandise by PO or SKU
  • Provide a receiving report to confirm exactly what quantity and SKU’s were received

Label import merchandise

  • Print and apply the required bar code label
  • Pick orders by PO and SKU
  • Build and Wrap pallets to the retailers specification (be it CHEP or standard pallets)

Make delivery or pickup appointments

Ensure your merchandise is shipped within the shipping window

  • Ensure that the order is complete, accurate and is palletized exactly as required.
  • Immediately supply the ASN information you require
  • We can assist with transportation carrier selection, making the best and most economical choice based on our Canadian distribution knowledge

Provide storage for timely replenishment of repeat orders.

The ability to ship repeat orders on a timely basis is critical.