Shared Warehousing

Shared Warehousing

Shared Warehousing lets you economically expand your warehouse footprint to accommodate growth. Because you only pay for the space and labor you require, warehouse space becomes a variable cost.

Most of DWS Logistics customers share a portion of our distribution centers with other clients. You’re sharing not only space, but labor and equipment as well – making this another good way to keep your costs down.

Benefits of Shared Warehousing:

  • Ability to enter new markets quickly without capital investment
  • Economically manage volume spikes
  • Quick response to changing supply chain needs
  • Scalable Facilities
    • Expand, grow or change your storage to fit your business needs
    • Avoid committing your company to a fixed amount of warehouse space

Inventory and Quality Assurance

Included in all our storage programs are all the functions needed to control your inventory – including ongoing cycle counts and regular inventories.  Additionally, each location has a quality assurance clerk who checks when product is added to a location and confirms the count when product is removed.

Let us develop a cost effective solution customized to your unique requirements.