Dedicated Warehousing

Dedicated warehousing at DWS Logistics means a long term strategic partnership where we provide:

  • customized logistics assets
  • dedicated warehouse space
  • and resources exclusively for your company

DWS Logistics understands what it takes to operate world class warehousing and distribution facilities.

We provide the experience and resources to operate single client dedicated warehouse operations as an extension of your company.

Working closely with you, we provide staff, management, equipment and technology –  all with a dedicated team of people that work only on your distribution requirements.

Our efficient and experienced labor structure effectively shields your company from the potential liabilities associated with a warehouse workforce.

By using DWS as your 3PL provider, you can focus your valuable management time and effort on the core activities of your company.  We eliminate the need for you to hire, train, monitor staff and provide HR.

We will provide superior results at less cost.

Benefits of Dedicated Warehousing:

  • Expand into new markets with minimal capital requirements and reduced risk.
  • Create a flexible, scalable, supply chain infrastructure.
  • Create the ability to manage operations in different cities or locations.
  • Reduce costs – typically we can identify immediate cost saving opportunities through process improvement and automation.
  • Tap into local knowledge and create an immediate competitive advantage.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated, state of the art Warehouse Management System integrated into your existing internal systems.

We focus exclusively on your needs, operating at your direction, either in your facility or ours.

Our Dedicated Warehousing Services are offered with transaction based pricing or on an open book cost plus basis.

Inventory and Quality Assurance

Included in all our storage programs are all the functions needed to control your inventory – including ongoing cycle counts and regular inventories.  Additionally, each location has a quality assurance clerk who checks when product is added to a location and confirms the count when product is removed.

Let us develop a cost effective solution customized to your unique requirements.