Working With 4pls

How we work with Lead Logistics Providers (4PL’s)

4PL’s – Lead Logistics Providers need to establish relationships with many types of Logistics specialists.

DWS Logistics has a well established and successful reputation for providing Canadian 3PL services to 4PL networks.  Our mutiple Canadian locations provide excellent geographic coverage with a single point of contact for all your warehousing and distribution needs.

DWS Logistics understands how critical the selection of a reliable 3PL is when managing a supply chain. We realize your reputation is on the line.

Our commitment to you is to be exceptionally reliable and accurate.

We can operate with your Technology in house or link to our Warehouse Management System.

We will exceed your targets for inventory control and meet or exceed your timelines for order processing and shipping.

Given the opportunity DWS Logistics will prove to be an exceptionally good choice for a Canadian 3PL partner.