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Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse Management System acts as an extension of your existing system with a focus on warehousing and related supply chain activities.

Our in-house software platform allows us to connect to all our clients’ needs with efficient and agile solutions. The application is designed to support optimized warehousing functionality.

Access to our Client Portal offers the highest level of visibility for you to make smart decisions. You get real-time access to:

Stock status availability
Order fulfillment and tracking
Receipt of merchandise
Standardized & customized reporting*

*Detailed and summarized reporting are available upon request and can be scheduled to transmit as often as needed. Let us know how we can make analyzing data easier for you. 


We offer our clients a diverse number of solutions for connectivity.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Effective Data Communication are key to the success of any supply chain. DWS provides integrations with either X12 or EDIFACT sent directly through FTP. 

Application Programming Interface (API): DWS has developed a secure API that provides functions such as order entry, order status, tracking number retrieval and Inventory.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with bespoke file format: Allows our client to drop a file through FTP to an inbound order folder. Files can be in CSV (or other delimited), XML, TXT or JSON format.

Systems Integrations

As part of our forward-thinking here at DWS we believe Technology and Integrations are integral to our internal business operations and for providing the best customer service.

Shopify Store Domain Name:

Integration with Shopify where API allows orders to automatically import into our WMS and tracking information to be sent back to Shopify.

SaaS ecommerce platforms:

Integration with other ecommerce platforms such as Solid Commerce, Big Commerce and OneSaaS imported into our WMS.

Transportation Systems:

A variety of software systems from our partners in the carrier industry are connected and integrated into our WMS. This allows our customers to have streamlined visibility to tracking information. 

Truckmate by Trimble:

Our main dispatching and accounting system is a comprehensive and proven world class system integrating all platforms and systems from WMS directly into Truckmate.

If you have any special requirements or integrations not mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our dedicated development team can help find a solution that fits your business.

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