Leading Canadian
3PL Warehousing

Canada wide distribution & warehouse solutions.

A Full Service Provider

With over 20+ years of experience in the Canadian market, we understand and want to share our experience with you. Together we’ll formulate actions and strategies to reduce expenses and improve customer service.

Our Services

We Streamline Businesses

DWS helps companies of all sizes better manage their supply chain by providing services which create value, improve efficiency and save money.

Dedicated and Shared Warehousing
Value Added Logistics Services

Unmatched Technological Solutions

WMS and Inventory

Our Warehouse Management System and Inventory Control Solution act as an extension of your existing system focusing on warehousing and related supply chain activities.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and effective communication is key to any supply chain's success. DWS Logistics has effective EDI translation and mapping services to ensure rapid and accurate deployment of any EDI solution required.


Our extensibility and flexibility are core to meeting the demands of our customers’ needs. DWS offers API access to all its customers to allow automatic retrieval of order information, stock levels and submits orders.


Our world-class infrastructure has the flexibility to leverage our technologies to integrate seamlessly and provide the best customer service.

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